Bill Kuyper
Designs in Metal
Sacramento, CA

I have been working in metal since before 1977. My areas of knowledge span from ornamental iron, metal fabrication, blacksmithing, structural steel, geothermal, gas and oil tool building and repair, directional drilling equipment, and being a machinist. This is just a small and simple description of my areas of expertise. In the last 17 years, I have blended my artistic skills with my metal skills, and now am working independently as well as collaborating with other artists, architects, and designers to create beautiful art, and functional pieces.

Over the years, and in many of the areas of working in metal, I have sharpened my skills, and understanding of my craft. I have always taken pride in my workmanship and have been recognized for my skills, artistic eye, problem solving, ideas, and attention to detail.

As my experiences are varied, so are the many ways of metal art. The possibilities are endless when I am working in metal. My interests in different design styles allow me to explore working metal in many artistic forms. I am a metalsmith, blacksmith, craftsman, and artist with the love and appreciation for all areas of metal art.